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1. Who is organising the Festival to Fight Inequality ? 

The Festival to Fight Inequality is being convened by the Fight Inequality Alliance. The Fight Inequality Alliance is a coalition of social movements, leading international and national non-profit organisations, human rights campaigners, women’s rights groups,  environmental groups, faith-based organisations, youth groups, artists, activists, rural and urban communities, trade unions, and other civil society organisations that have come together to fight the growing  crisis of inequality. 

Our action is not limited to FIA members, everyone is invited to collaborate based on a common vision to fight inequality. Those partnering will organise or participate in sessions where they have relevance, promoting and mobilizing their audiences and networks to attend, finance or attain other resources in kind support to help make the Festival happen.

2. What is the  Festival to Fight Inequality? 

We are in the fight of our lives. The Festival to Fight Inequality is a digital shelter, a space for the growing inequality movement to reconnect and recharge around our common struggles and solutions. Covid-19 has supercharged existing inequalities: while billionaire´s wealth rises dramatically, austerity is imposed on health, education, and social protection systems across the world. Our challenges are many - vaccine apartheid, unemployment, racism, patriarchy, climate crisis, hunger, and many more. The need for systemic change is urgent, but it won't come from the rich, nor from individual effort alone; we need each other. 

Join thousands of activists from all over the world, connecting for two days in five languages to organise, reimagine and strategise together for a recovery from Covid-19 that supercharges the fight against inequality. Together in plenaries, Festival Sessions, movement building spaces, skill shares, with arts and music. Let's create an avalanche of protest - online and offline - to build a just, equal and sustainable future for all.

3. Are you aligned with any politicians, political parties or multinational corporations? 

No we are not. The Fight Inequality Alliance is made up of social movements, NGOs, trade unions, community groups, activists and artists around the world who are fighting the root causes of inequality. Some political figures, political parties and others may agree with some or all of our proposals though. Everybody says that tackling inequality is a problem - from the IMF and the World Bank, to governments signing up to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (especially SDG 10 on fighting inequality), to wealthy individuals, the Pope and many others.

4. Where will the Festival take place?

The Festival will take place online. To help overcome the digital divide that is a reality for most of our membership, allies and partners across the world are holding community screenings to make the Festival accessible to more than just those who have internet access. CLICK here if you would like to organise a Community Screening or Watch Party

5. When is it happening? 

The Festival will take place on 13 and 14 August 2021 across multiple countries and time zones. See below table on regional time zones.

festival programme

6. When will the programme be announced?

The Festival Programme will be announced on 23 July 2021.

7. Do the tickets have a cost?

No, the tickets have no cost. Registration and participation is free of charge.  

8. Can I access the Festival on my smartphone?

Yes, the Festival can be accessed on smartphone devices.

9. What if I don’t have internet access to the join the Festival

Should you not have access to the internet you can join the Festival at a community screening near you. Community screenings will observe all Covid-19 protocols and only go ahead if safe to do so. CLICK here to find a Community Screening near you.

10. Can I view the Festival on Facebook and Youtube?

Yes, the Festival plenary sessions will be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube.  

11. Can I view sessions that already happened?

Yes, Festival sessions will all be recorded and posted to Fight Inequality Alliance’s Youtube and Facebook pages.

12. Will the Festival only happen in English?

The Festival will be hosted in five (5) languages -  English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Portuguese to make the Festival more accessible to many. Sign language may also be made available (subject to demand).

13. How do I get involved?

  1. You can be a part of the Festival by registering at Individual Registrations open on 23 July.
  2. If you and your organisation would like to get more involved, you can become a named partner of the Festival and organise a session, send an email to
  3. You can volunteer to be a part of the organising team, to volunteer for this send an email
  4. You can host a Community Screening or a Watch Party - CLICK here to find a Community Screening near you. CLICK here if you would like to organise a Community Screening or Watch Party.

If you have any feedback or would like to be involved in the Festival, please contact

14. What other roles can volunteers from my organisation perform in addition to translation or moderating sessions?

Other roles for volunteers include session ‘stewards’, tech support or general inquiries.

To be one of the 200 Festival volunteers we need, email with your name, location, languages you speak and availability from 1 August to 20 August 2021. You will receive training on the role you will be playing. For volunteers unable to access wifi, we will aim to ensure you can use the wifi at the offices of one of our member organisations. Where this is not possible a stipend for data will be provided.

15. How can I join the Fight Inequality Alliance?

You or your organisation can become a member of the Fight Inequality Alliance by going to For more information on what it means to be a member click here.

16. How can I make a donation to Fight Inequality Alliance?

You can donate to Fight Inequality Alliance here.

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