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Open call to movements, activists, academics and wider civil society to sign on to this open letter by Sunday 9 May 2021. To sign on email Ana Vicencio


May 5, 2021



After 5 days of a national strike in Colombia in response to the tax, labour, health and pension reforms, which ignore the deep causes of inequality that the country is experiencing, the security forces in the streets have acted with violence

The Colombian government has responded mercilessly to the just social demands cried in the marches. The result: 940 cases of police violence, 92 victims of physical violence by the police, 21 confirmed victims of homicidal violence, 672 arbitrary detentions of protesters, 134 violent interventions by the security forces, 12 victims with aggressions to their eyes, 30 cases of shooting with firearms and 4 victims of sexual violence.

The coordinations, networks, organizations and individuals who are part of Fight Inequality Alliance and the Latin America and the Caribbean Alliance for Equality join in solidarity with our Colombian comrades who have taken to the streets to demand better living conditions. They are not alone. 

We join those who urge the end of the capitalist system and the neoliberal model, and demand justice in access to decent work, public health services - including the vaccine against COVID-19 - and the payment of taxes on large fortunes. In a poverty-stricken region, the working class should not be the ones to pay the costs of the crisis, but the wealthiest.

We categorically reject any act of repression by state forces, the criminalization of peaceful protest and the presence of the military in the streets. Together with the Colombian people, we demand justice for those killed, injured, assaulted and captured. 

We ask the Colombian government to adhere to the guarantee of Human Rights for all its citizens, as well as to comply with the Peace Process and the treaties and conventions on Human Rights that the country has signed. 


Fight Inequality Alliance

Alianza por la Igualdad en América Latina y el Caribe

Alianza Contra la Desigualdad México

Tax Justice Network

International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific

American Friends Service Committee, Latinoamérica y el Caribe

Instituto Mexicano para el Desarrollo Comunitario - IMDEC (Mexico)

ONG Más Música Menos Balas Guadalajara (Mexico)

Red de Cultura Viva Comunitaria Jalisco (Mexico)

Colectiva Mujeres Al Frente Guadalajara (Mexico)

Red Juvenil Impulso de Ideas Creativas en La Chorrera (Panama)

Flowrida Escuela (Chile), Colectivo Waricha (Guatemala)

Cultura Viva Comunitaria Panamá, Red de arte y gestión cultural GuanaRED (Costa Rica)

Departamento Ecuménico de Investigaciones- DEI (Costa Rica)

Elige Red de Jóvenes por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (Mexico)

Resilientxes (Mexico)

Tejido de Cultura Viva Comunitaria (Bolivia)

El Culebrón Timbal (Argentina)

Productora Cultural y Comunitaria de Cuartel V Moreno (Argentina)


Red de la Diversidad (Bolivia)

Colectivo Sileni (Bolivia)

Cárcel de sueños (Bolivia)

Red Ecuatoriana de Cultura Viva Comunitaria (Ecuador)

Coletivo Justina Arte Comunitária y Ancestral (Brazil)

TV Cultura Viva Comunitaria (Chile)

Consejo de Salud El Barrero (Chile)

Colectiva de Arpilleristas Manos Creadoras (Chile)

Comunidad Inti Phajsi (Bolivia)

Proyecto Jakon Net (Peru)

Plataforma Global (El Salvador)

Coordinadora por los Derechos de la Infancia y la Adolescencia- CDIA (Paraguay)

KRuHA, people's coalition for the right to water (Indonesia)

Compa Trono (Bolivia )

Taqichuymampi (Bolivia)

Red de la Diversidad (Bolivia)

Wayna Tambo (Bolivia)

Yembatirenda (Bolivia)

Sipas Tambo (Bolivia)

Uywana Wasi (Bolivia)

Itaú Teatro (Bolivia)

Nereta Movimiento Artístico (Bolivia)

Barro Colorado (Bolivia)

Flor de Tarwi (Bolivia)

Comunidad Inti Phajsi (Bolivia)

Casa del Loco (Bolivia)

Centro Cultural Arawi (Bolivia)

Fundación para el desarrollo y la reivindicación etno cultural de las comunidades afrodescendientes, negras, raizales y palenegras- DRECCA (Colombia)

Asociación Nacional de Derechos de Pacientes en Riesgo y Familias Vulnerables en Pandemia (Ecuador)

Liga del Cáncer de Seno (Ecuador)

Fundación Mujeres Contando e Iniciativa "Yo apoyo" (Ecuador)

La Cantera Embrujada radio online feminista (Ecuador)

Instituto Justiça Fiscal (Brazil)

Ruth Serecer

Judith Velazco Gibbens

Patricia Oliva

Paloma Gutiérrez León

Mario Rodríguez Ibañez

Iveth Saravia Lazarte

Ludwin Vega Plaza

Nelson Zanga Rivas

Pamela Alejo Anguelo

Nina Uma, Mayra Paz

Elizabeth Roco

Rosaria Pepe

Jonathan Menkos Zeissig

Guido Piccoli

Nelly Valbuena

Ethel Leonor Noia Maciel

Muhammad Reza Sahib

Ana Salazar Tórrez

Maria Eugenia Gonzales Tarquino

Daniela Carolina Alberto Vasquez

Coral Salazar Tórrez

Lenia Esmirna Orellana Gomez

Reyna Mamani Mita

Shezenia Hannover Valda

Dennis Riacira Gutiérrez Zárate

Gladys Daza Cayó

Elmar Stellnberger

Walkiria Ribeiro

Revd David Haslam

Elisabeth Penken

Linus Victory Kay Fianyo

Agripina Hurtado Caicedo

Liane Schalatek

Carlos Ruiz Escudero

Alexis Ponce

Arthur Larok



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