Global week of action to end the age of greed in January 2019 is coming

#FightInequality allies around the world are getting ready for the week of action! We are organising even bigger mobilisations this coming 18-25 January as a counter to Davos. Activists on the frontlines of inequality say it's time for the spotlight to shift from Davos to solutions from below.

Young UK campaigners speak out on austerity and poverty

Young equality campaigners in London met the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty & Human Rights on his visit to the UK. He issued a damning report on the impact of austerity in the UK.

#YouthFIA activists take on Danske Bank

#YouthFIA activists from many countries met for a training in Copenhagen and also did 

Campaigners take the message to the Norwegian Prime Minister

Alliance members held a high profile event in Oslo, Norway. The following day they met the Norwegian Prime Minister to talk about how grassroots organising and movement building is essential to tackling inequality and what governments can do to help.

Declaration from the Alliance’s 2018 global gathering in Brazil

This year’s global gathering of the alliance was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Mobilising for budgets which fight inequality

Nyambura is a Fight Inequality activist in Kenya, and one of the organisers of the #UsawaBudget ("Budget for equality") mobilisations, read the blog.

Youth Fight Inequality!

What happened when young people from across the world got together in Mukuru slum to plan youth activism to fight inequality.

Kenya's "budget for the rich" pushes poor to the brink - campaigners

Reuters explains why Fight Inequality Alliance groups across the world are mobilising to demand that government budgets tackle inequality.

Tax those with most not those with least, say organisations working to fight inequality in Bangladesh

VAT increases and extensions hit the poor hard; governments should raise more in tax from the huge income and wealth of super-elites and corporations.

Government budgets cater to the rich, say campaigners

The development of national coalitions to fight inequality - an example from New Zealand.

New Zealand colleagues have shared a note on the development of their national coalition. Useful for other emerging coalitions to explore commonalities. Please share also your national story.

Inequality Bites - the latest Fight Inequality Newsletter

Fourth global gathering of the Fight Inequality Alliance to be held near Sao Paolo, 25th-28th June 2018

Registrations are open for the 2018 annual global gathering of the Fight Inequality Alliance. This year we will be in Latin America, in the amazing Florestan Fernandes National School (ENFF) in Guarerema, near Sao Paulo, Brazil from 25-28 June.

Planning Guide for the Fight Inequality January 2019 Week of Action released

To give groups ample time to plan well for the biggest ever Fight Inequality January Week of Action next year, the Planning Guide for the week has been released now. Please find it here and share with your colleagues in your country as you meet to plan what you can do for the week.

African Fight Inequality allies set out a Pan-African plan for action

African #FightInequality allies met in Arusha last month to set out a common Pan-African plan for action to build power to fight inequality.