The Fight Inequality Alliance is building a global movement to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite and achieve a just, equal and sustainable world.

The Alliance is built from the ongoing work of affected communities, activists and existing movements, responding to the local realities of inequalities people and communities are experiencing. The Alliance is action oriented and fights for structural change. The fight against inequality will be won by deepening peoples’ collective power to challenge neoliberalism, colonialism, patriarchy, racism and change the status quo and shift power. At the core of the Alliance are national alliances, the key driver of change, supported by regional and international solidarity and action.

As the Alliance is growing rapidly and entering an exciting phase, this requires us to be more explicit about how we undertake our collective organising. We have spelt out our vision for change in two global statements, as well as in national and regional visions and demands to governments and international institutions.

However, as a broad alliance whose membership incorporates people from a wide range of political practices and approaches from social movements, community groups, women’s rights groups, environmental groups, human rights groups, human rights defenders, trade unions, NGOs as well as artists and individual activists, it is necessary to agree a small number of collective principles as an Alliance.

These principles are global and apply to all, but may be supplemented nationally if necessary. All those who wish to join the Fight Inequality Alliance must agree to adhere to the following principles and values to guide our collective work as a movement.

  1. To ensure all alliance spaces are safe, inclusive and respectful for all, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, sexual identity, class, caste, disability, ethnicity, geographic location.
  2. To collectively build a mass movement of people fighting inequality that engages a wide and diverse range of organizations and individuals.
  3. To use a feminist and intersectional approach to our organising and movement building
  4. To act in solidarity and community with national and regional alliances, and to act together globally on our shared agenda
  5. To foreground the leadership of those on the frontlines of inequality – women, young people, social movements – in our movement building.
  6. To make decisions on a consensus basis at national, regional and global levels, with broad consultation with the membership. 
  7. Allies and members (be they individuals, groups or decentralised structures such as sub-national alliances within a country) agree not to use the collective name and identity of the Fight Inequality Alliance where public positions and tactics fall outside the collective agreement (be that at national, regional or global level). Clarity and agreement as necessary will be sought with the relevant steering group in the first instance
  8. To be non-violent in our approach

When we are organising collectively in this movement, we commit to bring our energies, passion and drive to fight inequality. Our individual and collective commitment and determination are essential to the struggle.

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