Join the monthly #BlackBandThursday action

Take a stand in the fight against inequality. Join the monthly Black Band actions. On Thursday 2nd March 2023 join other activists around the world as we continue to build this powerful movement. 

What is the #Blackband Action?

The #BlackBand Action is a way for us as activists and publics across the world to come together and make our demands heard in the fight against inequality. The #BlackBand Action was first observed across the world on 20 January 2023 to demand governments Tax The Rich. Participating activists and publics wore a Black Band to show that at a time of multiple crises pushing us to the brink, we demand real change. This is a unified action we can all take –  no matter wherever we are and whoever we are to show that together we are powerful and can drive massive change.

Taking action together in this way has sparked real energy across the movement. We will keep repeating it each month so it becomes a signature tactic for our movement. We will use it as a way to act in solidarity with each other across the world, attract more people to join the movement each time we repeat it, and make our protest actions recognisable.

Should I join in?

Anyone can join in the action! If you have had enough of spiraling inequality and you want a more just, equal and sustainable world, then a bigger YES! The movement fighting inequality is growing around the world. We must demonstrate our diversity and our collective strength and the #BlackBand Thursday Action is one of the ways we will do this in 2023. You can join in whichever community, organisation, movement or country you are in.

You can join in as a feminist, an environmentalist, a worker, a person of faith, an unemployed person, an LGBTQI+ activist, a young person, a dalit activist, a smallholder farmer, a TikTokker, an artist etc, etc.

Dates for your diary

#BlackBand Thursday will be held on the first Thursday of every month. Mark it in your diary now. Each month will have a different theme, solidarity action or campaigning target. Have a look at the table below for more details on when these will be taking place as well as themes for each.

What should I do?

  1. Get a group of people together. The number can be large or small. You can be in an office, out in public, at a park or anywhere else that works best for you. Hold a discussion on the theme for March 2023. Use this as a chance to build the movement fighting inequality.
  2. Wear a black armband (just use a simple piece of cloth - whatever you have at home).
  3. Discuss and say why you are in solidarity with women’s struggles in the fight against inequality
  4. Share it! Post a picture or video of your Black Band action on Twitter using the hashtags #BlackBandThursday #FightInequality.
Date Theme

2 March 2023

Solidarity with Women’s Struggles in the Fight Against Inequality

6 April 2023

Standing together against World Bank and IMF

4 May 2023

Rising prices and Austerity

1 June 2023

Stand in Solidarity with the LGBTQIA community

6 July 2023

Peoples assemblies

3 August 2023

Peoples assemblies

7 September 2023

Road to Marrakech

5 October 2023

Mobilising against G20 Summit

2 November 2023

Wealth Taxes

7 December 2023

Gearing up for the Global Protest to #FightInequality - January 2024