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JOB VACANCY: Asia Regional Co-ordinator

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Job Title: Asia Regional Coordinator
Start date:  As soon as possible   
Contract Type: Full time, fixed term contract through MS-TCDC, extendable by mutual agreement.    

Salary: A competitive salary will be offered commensurate with skills and experience    

The post  holder  must  be  based  in  a  major  internationally connected city in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines or Nepal; the  post holder must have pre-existing  legal  right  to  work in those locations;  the post holder must be willing to work from  the office of one the members of the alliance and from home.   

Who is the Fight Inequality Alliance?  
The Fight Inequality Alliance is comprised of leading national and international social movements, NGOs, women’s rights groups and trade unions across the world. We are deeply concerned about the impact of current shocking levels of inequality, and inspired by people’s collective struggles to build a more equal, more sustainable world. Rising inequality is hurting us all - holding up poverty reduction, harming the environment, hurting the economy, destabilising society, and undermining democracy.  
Experts and international  institutions  now  recognise  that  inequality  must  be  tackled.  And  every  government  has  pledged  to  reduce  inequality  within  and  between  countries.  But in  practice  not  much  progress  is  happening  and  in  many countries  we  are  even  going  backwards.  When it comes to action they are  still  reaching  for  the  same  old  failed  solutions.  
Only when  people  join together  from  the  grassroots  up,  mobilising  and  organising  to  build  power  and  demand  accountability  and  greater  equality,  will  things change. Together we  are  helping  to  build  up  people’s  power  and  connect  across  organisations  and  borders  to  enable  a  more  equal  world.  We are helping to build  up  national  coalitions  of  the  Fight  Inequality  Alliance  to  bring  change  at  country  level,  as  well  as  at  regional  level,  and  connecting  groups  internationally  for  action,  solidarity,  learning  and  support.  
The Alliance is going through an exciting period of growth  from  its  beginnings  in  2017. The Asia Coordinator will join a  small secretariat that coordinates the work of the alliance. They will coordinate and catalyse the efforts of the alliance in Asia, and support national alliances within the  region  in  a  range of  ways  as  we  grow  our  impact  further  over  the  coming  years.     

How to Apply:  
Applications should be submitted via  email  to with ‘Application for  position of Asia Coordinator’  in  the  subject  line.  
Applications must include  only:  
1. A motivation  letter  of  no  more  than  2  sides  that  indicates:  a)  why  you  are  interested  in  this  position  and  what  inspires  you  about  fighting  inequality;  and  b)  aspects  of  your  background  that  demonstrate  the  required  competence  for  this  role; 

2. A detailed CV with three references; and 

3. Two examples of  your  past  work  that  best  show  your  suitability  for  the  role  (for  example  articles,  videos,  campaigning  material,  speeches,  media  work,  etc). 

Please  ensure  that your  application,  as  a  whole,  speaks  to  the  required  experience,  person  specification  and  key  roles  and  responsibilities. Please  do  not  apply  if  you  do  not  meet  the  required  experience.  
Closing Date:  Friday 9 April  2021  
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  
Role Overview:  
Convenes and strengthens the Fight Inequality Alliance in Asia, enabling, catalysing and guiding effective high quality national coalition and regional work across the continent  that  addresses  structural  causes  of  inequality.  Builds the profile, connections and credibility of the alliance. Promotes an integrated and strategic approach to organising and mobilising which both wins policy successes and strengthens alliance cohesion, confidence and capability for further successes. Ensures that national alliances are well linked across the continent and internationally, and that the work in the continent has the resources and support it needs. Serves as a key representative and  planner  for  the  global  alliance.  Leads with drive and inspiration and with humility and collaboration.   
Key responsibilities:  
1. Working with the FIA Asia Facilitation Team, coordinate the Alliance’s delivery and implementation of plans agreed upon by the alliance. This means concretely a range of tasks including:

  • Taking the lead in organising activities, actions and meetings
  • Liaising with member organisations who have committed to take on responsibilities for organising activities, actions and meetings
  • Writing up minutes and reports on the meetings, activities and actions

2. Ensuring smooth communication and decision making of the Facilitation Team. This means concretely:

  • Scheduling and organising the logistics for the conference calls and face to face meetings of the Facilitation Team
  • Writing up the minutes of the meetings and ensuring timely circulation
  • Preparing for meetings including agenda and decisions to be made
  • Prepare annual plans and budgets based on agreements and ensure that Facilitation Team approves the final plans and budgets

3. Ensure the participation of members of the regional alliance in the strategising, planning, implementation and evaluation of the alliance initiatives. This means concretely

  • Updating the members regarding proposed plans, activities that have been implemented and corresponding next steps
  • Oversee project teams composed of networks of people across geography, theme and functions. Draw up budgets, prepare financial reports on funds disbursed and ensure complete support papers such as receipts and justification for variances.  

4. Secure the required strategic funding, by establishing strong relations with donors and demonstrating the impact of the alliance.

5. Mobilise capacity in support of the alliance and make best possible use of members expertise and potential.

6. Oversee the communications work of the alliance in the continent. Ensure regular communications within and beyond the alliance. Ensure that messages are clear and focused to intended audiences

7. Develop regular and frequent public commentary on media and social media spaces on the alliance. Act as a key external spokesperson for the alliance and a high-level lobbyist with senior external figures. Ensure others from national alliances and regional members also do. 

8. Capture lessons and best practices for wider sharing and to inform planning. Coordinate monitoring and reporting; including organising reflection and learning activities.  

9. Be an active part of planning and other regular staff meetings of the global team, and participate in training and learning activities organised.

10. From time to time carry out any other duties that are within the scope of the job, and as reasonably required by Line Manager.

Person specification:  
Substantive multi-country experience  of  designing,  leading  and  winning  campaigns,  working  in  alliance  with  social  movements,  NGOs  and  unions  in  Asia.   
Leadership experience  in  a  decentralised  contexts  and  multiple  accountability  structures.  Able  to  thrive  in  an  emergent  and  uncertain  space,  in  a  “start-up”  organisation  without  all  the  systems,  processes a nd  support  of  a  big  NGO. Able to  thrive  in  a  new  role  from  the  beginning.  
Substantive  multi-country  experience  of  building  up  organisations.  Exceptional  negotiation  and  influencing  skills, with  the  credibility  and  management  experience  to  broker  agreement.  Respected  by key  constituencies  of  the  alliance.  Dynamic and empowering leader able to exert influence and drive change without line management authority or hard power, and to lead in a way that builds others leadership.   
Effective fundraiser, able to win resources for campaigning work and for mobilising and organising.  
Excellent analytical skills underpinned by a good understanding of inequality issues and debates, international institutions and processes. Excellent communicator and skilled spokesperson, with ability to represent advocacy messages with authority and credibility to the outside world.  
Strong women’s rights understanding, analysis and commitment. Committed to battling all forms of discrimination and to standing with the most oppressed. Strong commitment to develop, promote and practice Fight Inequality Alliance’s goals and values.  
Willing to travel extensively without creature comforts.   
Excellent verbal and  written  communication  skills.   
Completely fluent  and  strong  in  English. Preferably also fluent  in  at  least  one  other  language  used  widely  in  Asia.