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Vacancy: Media Freelancer

Hiring: Media Freelancer 

The Fight Inequality Alliance is seeking an experienced media freelancer to drive voice and coverage for the alliance around key campaign pushes and mobilisations. The first assignment will be media work for our Festival to Fight Inequality in August 2021. The successful candidate will be offered an ongoing retainer to work on future key campaign pushes and moments.

Job Title: 

Media Freelancer

Start date:


Contract Type:

Consultancy contract through MS-TCDC, extendable by mutual agreement.


A competitive rate will be offered commensurate with skills and experience


Flexible. The work will be done primarily from home. The freelancer can also work from the offices of FIA members in their location by mutual agreement and subject to Covid-19 safety protocols. Being based in a city that is a relevant media hub for global/regional media an advantage.

How to Apply:

Applications should be submitted via email to with ‘Application for position of Media Freelancer’ in the subject line.

Applications must include only:

  1. A motivation letter of no more than 2 sides that indicates: a) why you are interested in this position and what inspires you about fighting inequality; and b) aspects of your background that demonstrate the required competence for this role;
  2. A detailed CV with three references; and
  3. Two examples of previous media coverage you were responsible for

Please ensure that your application, as a whole, speaks to the required experience, person specification and key roles and responsibilities. Please do not apply if you do not meet the required experience.

Closing Date: Tuesday 1 June 2021

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Role Overview:

Leads the media work for the Fight Inequality Alliance - both directly and by enabling national and regional alliances. Ensures that the work of the alliance has the profile it needs, can help shape news agendas and contributes to our change objectives. Brings the voices of grassroots activists to the fore. Builds the connections and credibility of the alliance with the media. Leads with drive and inspiration and with humility and collaboration. 


The Fight Inequality Alliance comprises leading national and international social movements, NGOs, women’s rights groups and trade unions across the world. We are deeply concerned about the impact of current shocking levels of inequality, and inspired by people’s collective struggles to build a more equal, more sustainable world. Rising inequality is hurting us all - holding up poverty reduction, harming the environment, hurting the economy, destabilising society, and undermining democracy.

Experts and international institutions now recognise that inequality must be tackled. And every government has pledged to reduce inequality within and between countries. But in practice not much progress is happening and in many countries we are even going backwards. When it comes to action they are still reaching for the same old failed solutions.

Only when people join together from the grassroots up, mobilising and organising to build power and demand accountability and greater equality, will things change. Together we are helping to build up people’s power and connect across organisations and borders to enable a more equal world. We are helping to build up national coalitions of the Fight Inequality Alliance to bring change at country level and taking action regionally and internationally to fight the structural causes of inequality.

Key responsibilities:

Provide visionary, strategic leadership to Fight Inequality Alliance’s media work, and translate that vision into specific strategies and concrete actions to achieve coverage targets and to grow organisational profile.

Deliver powerful earned media - both directly and by enabling national and regional alliances 

Act as a key change agent, responsible for translating a strategic change agenda into plans and operational delivery. Work with project teams composed of networks of people across geography, theme and functions to help drive coverage. 

Mobilise capacity in support of the alliance and make best possible use of member expertise and potential e.g. supporting and training a diverse range of alliance spokespeople  

Foster and continually strengthen media relations with key global media including broadcast, print and online, to help the work of the alliance shape news agendas. Help media tell the story of inequality with the voices of people organising and mobilising at the grassroots for collective power. Support the strategic engagement of the other global team members and allies in key media work. 

Advise and support national and regional alliances in engaging with media and securing effective coverage.

Capture lessons and best practices for wider sharing and to inform planning. Coordinate media monitoring and reporting from key pushes.

Person specification:

Experience of successfully securing broadcast, print and online coverage (in both ‘old’ and ‘new’ media), and of producing communications products.

Substantive multi-country experience in organisations working in alliance with social movements, NGOs and unions.  

Substantive multi-country experience of building up organisations’ profile. Exceptional negotiation and influencing skills, with the credibility and management experience to broker agreement. Respected by key constituencies of the alliance. 

Dynamic and empowering leader able to exert influence and drive change without line management authority or hard power, and to lead in a way that builds others’ leadership. 

Excellent analytical skills underpinned by a good understanding of inequality issues and debates, international institutions and processes. 

Strong organisation and time management skills. 

Knowledge and contacts within global and regional media outlets that will be key to the Alliance’s objectives 

Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

Completely fluent and strong in English. Preferably also fluent in at least one other language such as Spanish.

A commitment to the Alliance’s values, including:

Strong feminist understanding, analysis, commitment and behaviour. Committed to battling all forms of discrimination and to standing with the most oppressed.

Strong commitment to develop, promote and practice Fight Inequality Alliance’s goals and values, as well as adhering to and upholding our Common Principles. Commitment to grassroots organising and leadership.

Be open to learn/ follow the lead/be accountable to those who experience oppression based on gender, race/ethnicity, disability, socio-class, LGBTQIA, geography, etc.

Festival to FIght Inequality

Looking ahead, the alliance’s short-terms plans involve continuing to strengthen our mass organising and  build on the strong base to fight inequality.  To this end, the alliance will be hosting global Festival to Fight Inequality from 12-14 August 2021.The Festival to Fight Inequality  is a crucial building block towards common purpose and common action to Fight Inequality. The Festival will be an online event taking place over 3 days and will be a counterpoint to the World Economic Forum’s Special Annual Meeting taking place in Singapore from 17-20 August. 

The Festival to Fight Inequality will feature discussions on a range of inequality topics, cultural sessions, interactive workshops, movement building spaces, exhibitions, film screenings and more. Activists will be able to build their skills, strengthen relationships, practice self and collective care, and hear from grassroots leaders, community based organisations, artists, and musicians from across the alliance and the wider movement. The Festival will also be a space where we take action together on wealth taxes, unequal access and distribution of vaccines - key demands from our People’s Recovery Plan.  Furthermore, the Festival to Fight Inequality will be a tangible way of implementing outcomes of the FIA Revised Covid-19 Strategy as it opens up a wider mobilising base for the alliance.

Time-frame: We anticipate the consultancy will start in the beginning of July and run to the end of August 2021, and on a part-time basis (3 days a week). 

Reporting to: Global Convenor 

Draft objectives for the Festival to Fight Inequality:

We will use this as a space to recharge ourselves, connect with others and act. We are holding this Festival because we want to:

  • Influence what a post Covid world will look like 
  • Continue to build a mass movement to fight inequality 
  • Collectively innovate, learn and share our experiences
  • Take action together 

What are our objectives:

  • Between 3000-5000 people committed to fight inequality from 30+ countries attend the Festival
  • The Festival to Fight Inequality acts as a counterpoint to the WEF Special meeting, drawing attention from social justice activists, target media and politicians
  • Attendees develop ways of organising by learning and sharing with each other
  • The Alliance grows a wider base of activists, supporters and organisations


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